Work From Home Lunch Break

It always surprises me just how many people “who actually work from home” skip meals! There is no excuse for skipping meals because food gives you nutrition as well as vital energy necessary to fuel creativity…Which is why even if you work from home, taking lunch breaks should be a planned routine. 

Work From Home Lunch Break

“What is the best time to take a lunch break, when you work from home running a business?”

If you start at 8 am around noon or 1 pm would be the best time to take a lunch break.

You should not take your lunch break setting at your desk or work area. Remove yourself from the work area and take a one hour lunch. Yes, take a one hour lunch (you earned it) and creating a work from home business where you are your own boss. 


It helps if you can complete your meal prep before or even for the week. This saves on time management and will not take away from your one hour lunch break by having to prepare food during the break. 


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Make sure you have containers for enough meals prepared for lunch break! 

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