SEO Organic Search Traffic Beats Social Media

What you likely don’t know is that search traffic is 10x more effective than social media! 

That’s right, using SEO techniques can drive organic search traffic to explode your business…

It was revealed by  Adweek in  the U.S., people currently spend 70 percent of their time online browsing the open web, this  is generally outside of social media and search platforms. But marketers currently spend more than 75 percent of their digital media budgets on social media and search, with analysts reading that figure at 100 percent for 2017 (Brian Wieser, Pivotal ResearchJason Kint, Digital Content Next). 

Why this is significant is because marketers currently devote a shrinking 25 percent to 0 percent of budgets to the other portion of time people spend online.

SEO Organic Search Traffic

It’s proven that organic search beats social media for marketing results…Yet, most businesses and brands often overlook this method. 

So what’s the difference between these two different benefits? 

Well, they both are effective solutions to help grow your business….It’s just that organic search produces greater results to sell more products, goods, and services than social media!

Most people are stunned to learn that organic search is still the best way to grow an online business.

“This should make sense because the Internet was created on the principles of searching and finding?” 

Building organic search traffic is;

1) Somewhat Technical

2 Requires Research Strategy 

Likely, if you have a business “selling more goods” is what you hope to achieve… 

See using organic search traffic is a massive insane marketing channel!! 

However, most people confuse this method entirely with only SEO and don’t receive the enormous benefits that organic search traffic can deliver…

Good luck! 

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