Happy Friday Work From Home Mindset

Happy Friday! Time to put your work from home mindset on ready, set, get recharged! The best part about Friday is that the next two days you can simply own them. What you decide to do with your weekend time can help “free” more time for next week! 

Each weekend we like to incorporate a fun and work implementation ambience. Our goal is to “work smart, play long” that’s got us this far. 

Work From Home Mindset

“Whatever you planning may there be rooftop dining in your outlook!”

Kyle Ransom, co-founder WorkFromHomeDigitalBillionaire.com

Are you doing any of these three things to be wealthy?? 

Focusing on your “speed of implementation” this weekend. Plan to occupy maybe 30 minutes to an hour over the weekend to “lineup blog posts”….online digital success is all about being in the right place at the right time. 

Best times to publish blog posts: 

  • Drive the most traffic? Best publishing day is Monday and time is 11 am EST.
  • Capture most comments? Best publishing day is Saturday and time is 9 am EST.
  • Snatch some inbound links? Best publishing days are Monday and Thursday, and time is 7 am EST.

Cheat Sheet…go for it!

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