84 Influential Digital Keywords To Attract People Ready To Buy

Is your offer influential enough to attract people ready to buy right now? When it comes to online digital marketing knowing the right “buzz keywords” to  attract consumers ready to buy is everything! 

Before you can influence someone online (without meeting you) to buy, its essential that you understand how-to solve their problems by offering solutions for their needs. That’s what knowing theses top 84 Influential Digital Keywords To Attract People Ready To Buy will do for your next promotional campaign. 

Giving you an overall digital online advantage to make passive income from home or anywhere in the world. While everyone else is out hoping to encourage influencer tactics on social media, you can attract more people looking to solve problems in online search (digital) to buy your goods, products, or services in a hurry. 

According to Adweek in the U.S., people currently spend 70 percent of their time online browsing the open web, outside of social media and search platforms. But marketers currently spend more than 75 percent of their digital media budgets on social media and search, with analysts reading that figure at 100 percent for 2017 (Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research; Jason Kint, Digital Content Next). This means marketers currently devote a shrinking 25 percent to 0 percent of budgets to the other portion of time people spend online.

Where else would you ignore 70 percent? Imagine if a politician ignored 70 percent of voter priorities, a fashion monthly failed to write about 70 percent of trending styles or a radio station left 70 percent of the top hits out of its playlist. This kind of omission would be ridiculous. Yet, as an industry, we are increasingly ignoring 70 percent of consumers’ attention.

84 Influential Digital Keywords





Spending a lot of advertising dollars on social and search does make sense. Spending your entire budget there does not.

There is just one simple law in digital marketing, that is people buy what they want! That’s it, so setting up a solution for “why” your offer solves a problem is the secret magic formula to sell more online offers.

This is how-to stump the competition and steal market share from the big boys…include these 84 Influential Digital Keywords To Attract People Ready To Buy, published back in 2013 by CloudLiving that can help you kill it today! 

  1. Alleviate

  2. Avoid

  3. bargain

  4. Best

  5. Bonus

  6. [Brand Names]

  7. Budget

  8. Buy

  9. Cheap

  10. Cheapest

  11. Code with

  12. Compare

  13. Comparison

  14. Coupon

  15. Cure

  16. Deal with

  17. Deals

  18. Discount

  19. Discount code

  20. Easily

  21. Eliminate

  22. End

  23. Fast

  24. Fix

  25. For children

  26. For couples

  27. For girls

  28. For guys

  29. For kids

  30. For men

  31. For newbies

  32. For sale

  33. For seniors

  34. For students

  35. For women

  36. Gain

  37. Get rid of

  38. Guide (s)

  39. Heal

  40. How can I

  41. How do I

  42. How do you

  43. How to

  44. How to get rid of

  45. How to make

  46. Improve

  47. Increase

  48. Inexpensive

  49. Learn

  50. Low cost

  51. Low priced

  52. Method (s)

  53. [Model Numbers]

  54. Need

  55. New

  56. On sale

  57. Order

  58. Overcome

  59. Plan (s)

  60. Prevent

  61. Program(s)

  62. Protect

  63. Purchase

  64. Quick

  65. Rebuild

  66. Recover

  67. Reduce

  68. Reduced

  69. Relieve

  70. Remedy

  71. Repair

  72. Restore

  73. Review

  74. Reviews (s)

  75. Scam

  76. Software

  77. Solution

  78. Solve

  79. Technique

  80. That Works

  81. Top

  82. Training

  83. Treat

  84. Vs

Put any of these keywords in your niche subject matter to generate target key phrases…Drive immense digital revenue online with this secret strategy. 

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